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Captain Boomer Collective


Bart Van Peel

Creative director of the Sperm Whale Summer Tour. This is not his first idea. In 2003 his work "meadow with cows" in front of the Antwerp Museum of Arts, was on the front pages and National tv-news. He is also the founder and inspirator of FeelGoodGift, a cooperation of ten non-profit organisations such as Amnesty International and Oxfam. In 2010 he made the documentary film “Boyamba Belgique”, about the independence of the congo.

Frederik Feys

Theatrical coordinator Frederik is a scientist with an artistic edge. He looks after the performance on the scene and sets up cooperation with scientific organisations.

Stijn Doggen

President of Linkerwoofer, the organisations behind different cultural events. The Antwerp Linkerwoofer Festival is free and draws every year more than 10.000 visitors. Stijn takes care of logistics, transport, finance and administration.

Jelle Doggen

Our graphic designer and communication man. He previously did restyling of the Antwerp Zoo and De Koninck Beer.

Sculptor Dirk Claessen

Dirk Claessen (Zephyr) is a mastor sculptor who worked for museums of natural history in different countries. He gathered an international reputation for making hyperreal moulds and reconstructions of all kinds of animals and creatures. In 2008 he won the gold medal at the World Taxidermy Championship in Austria. The sperm whale is the biggest animal he ever made. With this statue he takes the notion "wildlife reproductions" one step further. With previous work, the viewer understood he was looking at a fake or reconstructed animal. In our concept, the challenge is to uphold the illusion as long as possible. The whale is not shown in a classical pose of action and vitality but as a fresh carcass, tragically flopped out. Here some examples of other work:

work1 work2